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About Us

Captain Ron "Rook" Rookstool; President & CEO

Captain Ron "Rook" Rookstool; President & CEOSome of the earliest experiences of my life that I can remember happened on the water. My life in boating began in earnest when I was only 15 years old. I left home and began crewing on commercial fishing vessels in the Northeast. For years, my days and nights were spent off the commercial fishing grounds of the Atlantic working as a long liner, scalloper and lobsterman among others. I’d experienced all kinds of on-board living and working conditions, slept on all kinds of bunks, used all kinds of work and storage areas, and had eaten in all kinds of galleys. After 25 years, having quickly risen from my earliest days on the decks up to the pilot house, I ventured into the world of sport fishing for marlin and tuna.

Sport fishing has progressed in leaps and bounds since those early days on 31’ Bertrams and Jersey built boats with gas engines. Back then we needed to carry enough gas cans with us to make the run out to the marlin grounds 80-100 miles offshore. Through the years, I gained the priceless first-hand knowledge of marine engineering systems for fuel and water, the utility of storage and working areas, as well as the operation and maintenance of hydraulics and primary engines. All things a seasoned captain and fisherman must know when heading out to sea. Maybe more importantly, I learned many key details of boat building from my many hours spent fishing and talking with my clients and their families over the years.

While out at sea for long periods, captain, crew and clients quickly learn what a vessel lacks in comfort, dependability, ‘fish-ability” and safety. Fishing in deep seas for days and nights on end, eating cold sandwiches and drinking warm sodas, has a way of making obvious what is lacking on the vessel. My clients and I fished together over those years, and during that time I was able to learn what their real needs and desires were while at sea. In time I realized that each client was unique and therefore each vessel would need to be uniquely equipped and designed. Every new voyage brought an improvement in the comfort, practicality, and overall performance of a vessel. My experience began to take me off the water and into the shipyard more and more. Here I was able to learn essential lessons to the details of customizing a vessel. In the early 1970s, while working on a rebuild of a 37’ Rybovich, I learned the subtleties of book match and sequence in wood furniture. Details that go beyond the practical design of a vessel and into the personal and custom feel of a vessel.

As more time passed, it became apparent to me that no other builder in the market was addressing these unique needs, and so I started Sea Force IX. Since that day, Sea Force IX has been dedicated to building a truly custom luxury performance Sport Yacht inside and out. We cannot underestimate the value of true sea voyaging ability in all kinds of weather or the value of good equipment and design, but we also must consider the needs of our clients. Sea Force IX takes the thoughts, wishes and dreams of our clients, combines them with real sea voyaging needs, and delivers one of the most elite and truly unique products available in today’s market. Paying strict attention to these details, allows us to build an outstanding vessel that delivers the utmost safety and the utmost enjoyment . We expect dependable excellent performance, and we deliver it.
I have spent most of my life on and around the sea, learning my trade from my experiences and from the many different people along the way. I apply those teachings to the present day. Over these years, I have kept a personal captain’s log filled with ideas, information and contacts. The constant exchange of ideas and knowledge among myself and a group of talented industry professionals whom I admire and respect, ensures that Sea Force IX is always a leader in the development of new directions in this fast paced ever changing market.

In today’s world, much is made of the capabilities of technology and the ease with which we can outsource our work to the best, albeit farthest, markets in the world. This is true for nearly all markets of industry, including of course our ever- growing market of magnificent luxury shipbuilding. Its true that with computer aided design software we are able to produce much more accurate designs. This in turn has allowed us to drastically reduce the time it takes to manage and produce each and every project. But what good are these tools without experienced individuals behind them? What good are these accurate designs and timelines without and understanding of our client’s needs and dreams?

At Sea Force IX, we are not only building magnificent high tech Sport Yachts, we combine years of real working experience and craftsmanship with an acute attention to our clients’ dreams and desires, to produce some of the most elite high performance luxury Sport Yachts in the world. Our experience and technology combined with a commitment to your personal wishes and thoughts, allow Sea Force IX to make your dreams a reality, your ultimate ride.

I have been dreaming of that ultimate ride my whole life. It’s been a dream shared by all the members of the Sea Force IX family. Come meet the family. Your vision is our goal, and we’ll accept nothing less. Come feel the Sea Force IX difference.

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