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Going Head to Head

As often happens, we find our Force IX fleet of Performance Sport Yachts going head to head with similar size production vessels. This discourse is not to knock anybody’s product but to make a few distinctions that are not as tangible as our beautifully proportioned designs, superior fit and finish, 5-star luxury anywhere in the world or unparalleled economy of operation.

To start, we want to note the value of a Sea Force IX yacht. Our bottom line base price is surprising competitive to our production counterparts when compared the specifications line by line. This often requires that you load up the production vessel with numerous options to bring their product up to our standard level. One needs look no further than the four pieces of major equipment. We start with the MTU 2,400hp engines (2,600hp for the 94.5) and 40kw generators (55kw for the 91.5 and 94.5) standard. Of course there are many other standard advantages and would go many pages but the value advantage we wish to make is deeper than that. The percentage of the customer’s dollars that actually go into their boat over the production counterparts is noteworthy. Large dealership profit structures, facility overhead, floor plan costs, large boat show displays and a whole host of other non-direct costs are contained within the production boat profit structure. Those dollars do not go into the actual production boat. Thirty to forty thousand man hours go into every Sea Force IX yacht. There are no short cuts to “fit and finish” or attention to detail.

Warrantee and service is next. Sea Force IX offers a seven year hull warrantee. This is based on our proven Monolithic construction methodology, superior materials and long term experience in the process. We use Vinylester resin throughout the laminating process and bake the parts for full cure. All connective lamination uses marine epoxy. Surveys on our hulls over the years yield zero water penetration.

The production yacht service operation is set up to expect problems and have an extended service framework in place to handle them. The “non-value to the vessel cost” of this aspect is mentioned above. We have service personnel available to go to the vessel and make or arrange for service work real time where the vessel is. This means less down time and transport cost to the nearest service facility to your customer. Our field personnel actually work on the vessels as they are being built and travel to the yacht with intimate knowledge of the vessel. We are confident that our vessels are thoroughly rung out and tested before delivery and the result if fewer service calls. All of our department supervisors are on standby to help in this service and have formed a working knowledge with the vessel’s crew who are also brought along during the construction. This is a major advantage and is acknowledged by the testimony of our owners.

Economy of operation for a vessel as sophisticated at the Sea Force IX is beyond expectation. Our 91.5 Skybridge Sport Yacht realizes a better cruising fuel burn than production vessels ten feet shorter. This is due to a rigorous weight program combined with a hull form that is proven superior in the towing tank and the open seas. Our program has other benefits: maneuverability, dry ride, and most importantly personal safety.

We realize that our program will not appeal to everybody and our production counterparts have their place and following. What we offer is a sophisticated product for like-minded individuals who only want the best. Who are willing to join with us for an adventure that starts with 20 drums of resin, then 18 months of action and creativity and finally a 5-star oyster to explore the world.

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