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Meet the Family

The Sea Force IX line of Luxury Performance Sport Yachts is a product of a core group of experienced industry veterans with a clear and collective vision of their product.


Gail Rookstool; Office Manager
Gail’s experience on the waterfront began over 30 years ago. Back then, she had been managing a restaurant along the Atlantic coast of New Jersey. Popular with many fishermen and their clients, its here where she met Captain Rook, and the rest as they say is history. Shortly after meeting Rook, Gail came aboard as his business manager.

In 1985, they moved to Florida, where Gail ran the day to day business of Rook’s fishing operations along Florida’s East Coast. Gail was involved in everything from book keeping and general administrative duties to travel arrangements and provisioning. When Rook joined Roscioli, Gail came along and joined the office staff there, continuing her management and administrative duties at the shipyard. Today, she runs the office at Sea Force IX. Rook is free to concentrate on his fleet of designs and construction, while Gail runs the office and everything that is SFIX. She’s truly a captain’s first mate on board.

Chris MacKenzie
From helping his dad (Rook Sr) maintain vessels under his care to having time in nearly every aspect of construction, Chris has been in and around boats since he was a child. He has been associated with Sea Force IX in various capacities since its inception and, prior to that, he helped out at another boat yard managed by his dad. After going off on his own, including stints in law enforcement and retail consumer electronics, Chris has returned to boat building and he now applies himself in the material procurement and management side of the business.

Richard “Rick” Hyer; Designer/Engineer
Rick brings over forty years of experience in yacht design, engineering and product development. He has worked in every phase of yacht design and construction since he began his career on the loft floor working as an apprentice to his father. Adept as he is at designing these yachts on his computer, Rick can also run an aluminum weld bead or fit a teak plank on a transom. For the last twenty four years, Rick has specialized in luxury performance Sport Yacht design and can be credited for his work on several successful vessels. He brings to the family a unique combination of art and science which greatly complements Rook’s maritime experience.

George Hanna; Project Manager, Final Outfit Foreman
With many years of diverse experience on the waterfront, George successfully manages our “make ready and commissioning” phase of the Sea Force IX operation. He coordinates the completion and transfer of our yachts from their final phases to the customer. George is also our Warranty and Customer service representative.

Edward “Ed” Turner; Lamination Foreman
Ed has personally built some of the finest large sport fishing vessels to date with over twenty-five years of major lamination expertise. We have a very stringent weight management system employed into our design operation, and Ed is the first and very important step to this process. During the lamination and coring phases, Ed works closely with our quality control liaison to ensure our vital construction standards are successfully met. Ed and his experienced lamination team have been together now for several years and their dedication to quality insures that we have a consistent quality structure, boat after boat.


Quality people build a quality product. This is the foundation to the Sea Force IX family, and the foundation on which every one of our vessels is built on.

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