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The Edge

Why step up to a Force IX Performance Sport Fishing Yacht?

81.5, 83.5, 91.5 and 94.5 Models, here are several reasons:

Blue Water Hull Performance
Sea Force IX Hulls are designed, engineered and tank tested to provide the “Ultimate Ride” in comfort and safety in rough water conditions

“Monolithic” Construction System
Provides that safe, solid feel. This unique construction system maximizes the structural strength of all components working as one unit.

Optimum Center of Gravity
Tank testing provides engineering data to track the Sea Force IX rigid weight management program of materials and equipment placement to dial in the all-important “Center of Gravity”

Vessel Handles High Horsepower Engines
Combining the hull design, weight management program and the “Monolithic” construction system allows the vessel to “handle” the forty-eight hundred horsepower engines” safely and efficiently with fingertip maneuverability and dead-on tracking whatever the sea state. This is a distinct Sea Force IX sea handling advantage over most competitors where the new high horsepower diesel engines “handle the boat”

Epoxy Resin used for all Secondary Bonding

Assures ultimate adhesion and strength throughout. Bulkheads and furniture become a part of the one unit “Monolithic” construction system

State of the Art Engine Room
Designed and engineered for optimum operation, easy access maintenance and safety considerations for “underway” and “shore side” servicing

Fishing Cockpit
Designed and laid out by seasoned bill fishermen. Reviewed and critiqued by the manufacturers of the finest offshore fishing equipment giving the Force IX “Pit” their “Top Drawer” approval. Each cockpit is customized to the owner’s specific fishing methods and has a lower profile and coaming width for bill fishing.

Fully Founded Vessel
Standard features on a Force IX vessel include: Hydraulic bow thruster; fuel polisher, Custom designed and engineered electrical system and distribution panels; Custom manufactured underwater gear engineered for reduced drag; Stage chilled water air conditioning system

Sea Force IX Quality Control Program
From start to finish. A relentless tracking and monitoring Quality Control program is maintained through every stage of construction. Of special and unique importance is the Sea Force IX lamination QC process which is the very heart of the vessel. Part of this QC lamination process includes baking the hull and deck parts for a complete and consistent post-cure. The baking process diminishes the blistering and print through problems normally found on Dark Colored Hulls

Sea Force IX Warranty Program
A warranty second to none. Sea Force IX’s factory team supports our commitment to customer care. Our hulls have a seven-year structural warrantee.

These important factors are the backbone to our promise to you, and the Sea Force IX “Ultimate Ride”.

The Sea Force IX hull form utilizes an aggressive hull bottom geometry that generates lift over 90% of running surface at low angles of attack. This means the vessel rises to a plane (no hump) and runs relatively flat in a stealth-like fashion. The positive pressure allows the vessel to handle the high horsepower propulsion insuring a stable, comfortable and safe ride with a difference you can feel. The deadrise at the bow is sharp to pierce the water and fairs to a proper transom deadrise. The transom deadrise is also favorable in a following sea and has plenty of “clean water” behind the boat. These factors plus the strakes are the foundation for the “all weather”, dry performance. The modest keel, combined with the dynamic lift provides fingertip steering, tracking, and sea keeping at all headings into various sea states to maintain our signature smooth running attitude.

Note: The Sea Force IX hull bottom is NOT a “warped” plane!

It’s a given that the Sea Force IX line of high performance sport fishing yachts are a fresh approach in this category. Key personnel with overall sea experience including years of very competitive tournament experience and the diverse talents of well-traveled professional captains utilized their experience and in-depth cockpit detail knowledge to give Sea Force IX clients distinct angling advantages. The basic hull form, flush keel-mounted transducers, single leg struts, wide blade propellers, deep wedge rudders, strake terminations, and smooth, sprayed bottom paint system all contribute to clean water at the strategic wake sequences necessary to be ultra-competitive. The cockpit layout has all the billfish amenities laid out for efficient tournament action but will also accommodate a group of bottom fishermen comfortably. The standard fishing features are incorporated under the leisure deck. We can build a custom tackle center your way or accommodate the dive enthusiast.

AIR CONDITIONING: Reverse cycle, chilled water air conditioning equipment connects to an insulated circulation loop with taps to the various air handlers located throughout the vessel. Multiple staged compressors provide the chilled water. A digital panel independently controls each zone. Each vessel’s system is engineered by the manufacturer to provide optimum performance.

Other Features and Notes:
1) The system chills the circulation coolant that runs through insulated loop to the various area air handlers to cool the vessel.
2) Chilled water systems have a better electrical efficiency than direct expansion and operate quietly.
3) The air handlers will not ice up which can happen with direct expansion air handlers if the filter gets dirty.
4) The staged chillers will cut in and out as the demand dictates. A cooled down vessel can be maintained on less power.
5) The reverse cycle heat is much more energy efficient than heat strips.
6) All refrigerant is contained in the factory sealed units in the engine room machinery space under the leisure deck.
7) Each air handler is isolated from system with valves for removal while the rest of the system remains operational.
8) The frequency drive system for the compressors keeps the power demand under control and extends the life of the compressors
The chilled water air conditioning system, standard on the Sea Force IX line of sport fishing vessel, is the finest available for a vessel this size. Our unique valance and overhead air-flow distribution details are noteworthy

A complete “from any tank to any tank” fuel transfer system is standard on the Sea Force IX sport fishing yachts. The primary transfer pump is a 13-gallon per minute Oberdorfer gear pump. The standard fuel polishing system is custom engineered into the vessel for ease of operation and service also serves as a back up to the fuel transfer pump. The interactive fuel management panel, located in the engine room entry, provides total monitoring and control. A gauge on panels located in the engine room entry and the bridge represents each tank level. All fuel lines are USCG Type 1 hose with brass fittings. The engines have switchable Separ fuel filters while the generators have single element Separ filter. This total commitment to the fuel system allows for all of the fuel to be used for the intended purpose. Relatively speaking, you will get to your destination safely!

The standard installation is two diesel generators providing power to the split AC buss system

Two 100-amp 240-volt shore cords, complete with Glendenning Cable Masters, provide power through the on-board isolation transformers to the split AC buss system.

The four sources of electric power are selected to energize the two main A.C buses at the main A.C. control panel. The system features complete power monitoring and provides power to the sub-panels located throughout the vessel.

Four 24-volt banks of glass mat batteries provide the power to independently start each engine, generator and ship’s service. Emergency power crossovers allow for total flexibility within the system. The system features complete power monitoring and sub-panels located throughout the vessel.
A stand-alone 12/24 V.D.C. system, located under the bridge console, is powered by glass mat batteries independently maintained by dedicated chargers. This provides power for specific 12 and 24 V.D.C. loads and emergency communication.

With display panels in the crew area and on the bridge, this solid-state system monitors high water, smoke and high carbon monoxide with an auditory alarm and lights pointing you to the problem for quick response.

A fully engineered FM-200 fire suppression system protects the engine room. The primary system is automatic “rate of rise” activated, with manual pull cable back-up activation, and shutdown circuits for engines, generators, blowers and air inlets. Also standard is an independent back-up fire system with manual pull cable activation. Areas vital to the operation of the vessel and/or contain heat producing equipment will have local automatic FM-200 fire suppression bottles.

A central hydraulic system is powered by two primary pumps mounted on each engine transmission with a common reservoir, filter and cooling heat exchanger. The system is sized to power the bow thruster and anchor winch. All hoses are rated for the pressure for each application. A stern thruster integrated into the central hydraulic system is offered as an option on some models and standard on others.

The power transmission to the water is a key element to the dynamic Force IX performance. A high strength, highly corrosion resistant shaft runs through a thick walled fiberglass shaft log bonded into the hull inside and out with eight layers of glass/epoxy resin. The massive single leg, cast bronze strut houses the performance bearing. A Veem propeller, tuned to the vessel, completes the shaft line.

Speed Package Explained
The Force IX shaft line is taken to a much higher tolerance while reducing drag. The alignment of the components are certified using the “Quantum” laser method. All the metal components are machined to a higher tolerance and hand lapped for total contact. The propeller is tested and tuned to the individual vessel. All bottom paint is applied using a sprayed method. The result is enhanced performance, efficiency and vibration reduction.

The fingertip performance is the result of a multi-faceted program. It starts with a high performance rudder design. The hull support system is a rock solid two bearing design with the hull and stringer system for support. A two ram, dual pump power assisted hydraulic steering system provides the torque to the rudders via cast bronze tiller arm. Each component is specifically designed and manufactured for Sea Force IX. There is not a stronger

The Headhunter water pressure pump delivers potable water to the 2-way split distribution system with each side having its own accumulator tank. One branch is for the fresh water toilet flush. The other branch is the filtered ship’s potable water service. The service side features two stainless steel water heaters, color coded poly tubing and a shutoff valve for each end use device.

All toilets and control components are by Headhunter. Each toilet discharges into the Headhunter “Tidal Wave Biological treatment system rated for 10 people for 24 hours. This system is rated USCG II and meets IMO standards There is also a back-up manual overboard pump and deck waste removal plate.






Sea Force IX goes far beyond the competition when it comes to rendering an interior for their luxury sport fishing/yacht fleet.

It starts by procuring the finest “First European Quality” veneers and hardwoods from one of the world’s largest wood merchants. Several basic species of wood are where we start with grain patterns that are dramatic. Exotic species are also available. Depending on the species and yield of the log, Sea Force IX will make the entire vessel from only a few select logs. The veneer flitches are then matched and made into sequenced sheets that are numbered for each area to be used.

The matching hardwood is hand selected and bought by the boule (whole trees). The boules are geographically compatible which assures color and grain consistency. The veneer panels are vacuum bagged to assure complete adhesion. This veneer – hardwood combination is painstakingly crafted into cabinetry that has no equal.

The final touch is the polyester grain filling finish that is applied in our own spray booth and brought to a flawless 60-40 satin finish. Our exclusive Italian finish also provides a sward hardness topcoat for durability

Only by touring one of our vessels can one see and feel the difference our meticulous process can produce.



The same rigid process used in the interior wood for the Force IX fleet applies to the exterior wood as well.

The teak is hand selected and purchased by the boule. It takes two large boules to fashion the unique shaped toe rail, coamings, decking and the optional transom. The transom is re-sawed from 2 adjacent slabs from the boule. Then they are sequenced and applied to the transom.

The toe rail, transom and any other finished exterior teak get a 16 layer Epoxy/AwlBrite exterior coating that produces a mirror finish.

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