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The Truth About the Tank

The Sea Force IX Management and Design team have long been proponents of tank testing as the best method for predicting the performance of their “Full Lifting” bottom geometry that is the foundation for the Force IX line of Performance Sport Fishing Yachts. Unlike the “Melting Pot” computer performance prediction programs that tend to “dull the data”, we prefer to take full advantage of our dynamic hull design by testing it on its own merits, prudently interpreting the information and properly applying it to achieve optimum performance.

Now it seems a lot of the competition have followed suit by advertising they have tank tested their hull designs. The real issue is what is done with the data the towing tank provides and that is where Sea Force IX takes yacht design and construction to the next level.

We combine the bottom geometry with our “Monolithic” construction methods and rigid weight-monitoring program under a comprehensive quality control umbrella. All the individual components are weighed prior to installation with locations recorded and tracked to assure the “all critical weight balance” optimized by the tank test data is maintained. This unique “performance tuning” process can only be performed by a company dedicated to the demanding rigors it requires. We are so dedicated and the result is a ride that must be experienced. We call it the “Ultimate Ride”.

Tank Testing - Seaforce IX

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