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The Yard

Sea Force IX is conveniently located on Florida's Gulf Coast in the historic town of Palmetto. The city was built along the North shore of the Manatee River, a mile wide river that travels over 60 miles from its inland source and empties into the mouth of Tampa Bay. This location, and its connection to the bountiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico, have lured sailors and seamen to the area since the early 1800s. Palmetto shares a long history with the maritime industry, and thus its only natural that Sea Force IX is here.

Sea Force IX is located about midway between the Tampa/St. Petersburg area to the North and Sarasota to the South. We are just minutes from the Port of Manatee, which is among Florida's largest deepwater seaports. The port is also the closest US deepwater seaport to the Panama Canal and the Pacific Rim destinations that await beyond. That means your new yacht can be safely and conveniently launched into the water and ready for your first of many journeys.

We've made visiting us an easy and pleasurable experience. Known as the "Sun Coast" of Florida, this area boasts a multitude of attractions with both natural and cultural offerings. In other words, don't forget your fishing gear or your golf clubs.

Our central location allows you to choose from countless travel and accommodation options. Our location is equally served by three international airports;

Tampa International Airport
St. Pete/Clearwater International Airport
Sarasota/Bradenton Airport

There are also several private airstrips in the area.

If you're coming by car, our facilities are located just off of I-275 and US Hwy 41. Both are easy and major roadways that connect Tampa to Miami.

We're easy to find, whether you're coming to visit us over land, on water or by air. We have everything you need, from modern big city accommodations to "old Florida charm." Sea Force IX and its surrounding areas have it all under the sun for your next visit. We can't wait for you to see us.

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